• Zhong Cheng 2015 Autumn Auction「Morden And Contemporary Art」
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    ZHOU CHUNYA(b.1955)



    Oil on Canvas

    Signed Zhou Chun-Ya in Chinese, dated 1988. 12

    Estimate TWD 3,500,000-4,200,000
    USD 108,400-130,000
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 4,200,000
    USD 127,698
    HKD 983,607

With a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist





Zhou Chunya is regarded as one of the most representative contemporary Chinese artists, and is praised for his unique style that fuses elements of both Eastern and Western painting. As a graduate of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Zhou has long indulged in traditional Chinese painting. He experienced the change of times and social upheaval, thus converted the distresses and uncertainties during this period into his creative drive. Zhou studied overseas in Germany, and was exposed to western Neo-Expressionism, which ultimately shaped his unique, extremely beautiful, and iconic creative spirit and style. 

Flowers exhibits Zhou Chunya’s mastery over colors – not the elegant and pure traditional Chinese color combination, nor is it similar to the powerful and rich colors of the later Peach Blossoms series. This painting, Flowers, was painted in 1988, which was the last year Zhou studied in the University of Kassel in Germany. It is obvious that Zhou had already deviated from cooler color tones from his earlier stage, and a hint of warmth had gradually begun to flow in his creations. As his use of colors became more mature, he was able to honestly and earnestly express emotions within. Through brushstrokes, Zhou layers the texture for the shape of the flowers, and thus, despite their warm and tender colors, the flowers’ shapes are powerful and three-dimensional, so vivid that they seem to be jumping out of the restricted frame. The colors in this painting are not as luscious and vibrant, but Zhou uses paintbrush and composition to give the painting more delicate richness and harmony. 

Unlike the later Peach Blossoms series, this painting does not depict a distant view; rather, it shows a focused perspective conveying the artist’s gaze at the minor details in life. This kind of sensitive observation and reflection on life construct the delicacy and honesty in Zhou Chunya’s painting techniques, and correspond to his passion and sincerity towards life. Zhou’s painting is art, and his thinking and insight are art from life, fully manifesting his robust creative vitality in art.

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