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    HOU CHUNMING (b.1963)

    Pleasure Tableaux


    Woodcut Painting (one set of eight prints)

    Signed, inscribed and dated \'Liu Jiao Hou Shi; Taipei; 1992\' in Chinese With one seal of the artist (8)

    Estimate TWD 950,000-1,300,000
    USD 32,200-44,100
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 0
    USD 0
    HKD 0



Exhibition:EXHIBITION "Pleasure Tableaux", Up Gallery, Kaohsiung, 1992 "Collision between Taboo and Desire: Hou Chun-Ming\'s work of Print 1992-2008", National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan, 2009


Hou Chun-Ming boldly challenged the taboo and shocked the Chinese art circle in the early 1990s through avant-garde creation in the forms of installation art and engraving. In 1995, "the 46th Venice Biennial" had brought Hou Chun-ming, then only 32- years -old, up to the world stage, prosperous and successful, and second to none. In Taiwan, he has challenged the bottom line of the moral and aesthetics in respect of black-and-white images, together with the unreasonable Hou's literal writing, which titled him "Six Feet Hou". Hou works in the 90s were predominantly prints that challenge social taboos. In fact, its meanings do not lie only on the decisive lines craved on woodblocks, but the complicated collaboration and its subsequent experience and reflection imposed on the viewers.

The forms of the works are diverged. There are pieced works and in albums; some of them consist only of a singular motif, others with a half of the plane covered with words.  With this undefined collage and the prints represented by words, should his works be considered as simplistic tolk cravings, or a display of the archaic but socially critical languages? There are questions to be considered during the appreciation process. Since the themes are sex taboo and relationship between the sexes, Hou’s representation has its focus on bodies. But they are never our understood ordinary appearance. Shifting amog male, female and androgynym, the open display of desire and exaggeration of sexual organs are commonly found in his works.

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