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    XIANG JING (b.1968)



    Bronze, 1/1

    Signed Xiang Jing in Chinese, dated 1993, numbered 1/1

    Estimate TWD 380,000-480,000
    USD 12,500-15,700
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 0
    USD 0
    HKD 0


Illustrated:“Album of Chinese women artists invitational exhibition”, Culture and Art Publishing House, 1995, Page179

Exhibition:“Chinese women artists invitational exhibition”,1995.


Hsiang Jing- a famous female sculptor in China. Art Critic Li Xian Ting admired her as “the genius artist in sculpting world”. From her unique and delicate female perspective, she created a bold and direct female sculptor image and became one of the most prominent female artists of the era. Her artworks are widely collected by many international organization and personal collectors. 

“It often hits the deepest part of me when I’m sculpting every girl. There will be a model initially in my mind, every movement and gaze of her will be captured and moved me. At the moment, she opens up a window for me and touches every part of me. I’ll be overwhelmed with emotions and inspired me.”- Hsiang Jing

The girl in《Wine》sits inclining on the chair with a cup in hand. Her misty gaze with her body relaxed and legs elegantly crossed, as though she’s indulged into a deep emotion unable to get out of it. Even though there is no coloring but with the pose of the figure; the subtle balance with the table and the texture of body figure attract the viewers into the girl’s lonesome soul.

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