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    HOU CHUNMING (b.1963)

    Journal By Pillow


    Print on Paper, 2/15

    Signed Liu Hou Shih in Chinese, date 2006 and numbered 2/15 With one seal of the Artist

    Estimate TWD 750,000-1,200,000
    USD 24,200-38,700
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 826,000
    USD 0
    HKD 0


Illustrated:’’Legend Hou’s Sin & Punishment-The printing Creation of Hou of Liuchiao Township 1992-2008’’, Garden City Publishers, 2008, Page212-213, Page 220-235



All fairy tales end with a happy ending for the prince and the princess, the hero and the beauty, marriage is like a destined end for all misery and worries. Hou Jun Ming misunderstands life and began his fairy tale “Pillow Side Journey” with a marriage which turned into a horror story.

In “Pillow Side Journey”, Hou Jun Ming warns of the imbalance of love and lust, manipulation occurs from the deviation of love and being loved. “Pillow Side Journey” is created in 2006, but it was a testament of his life in 1999. His artwork themes went from criticizing and provoking extrinsic social events in his early career years to later years of gentle and personal self discovery. During his divorce, he walked through personal low with drawing and writing. The first thing he did in the morning was scribbling whatever what on his mind, letting go of the loneliness and frustrations. “Pillow Side Journey” series reflect his most intimate private thoughts. 

In “Marriage”, two double headed person dancing in skirts with a narration that describes a narcissist marrying himself a post trauma result of self console and closure. Reminds viewers of Narcissus in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool and drowned.   

 “Practice” reminds viewers of Medusa in Greek mythology, beheaded by Perseus, had hair that was transformed into serpents, one gaze of her would turn onlookers into stone. Hou Jun Ming and Munch were traumatized, the red hair “Madonna” (Madonna 1985-1902) express the same idea with the serpent beauty. Men retreat back to the infancy as a result of trauma.  

“Emptiness” shows a small human figure spit out from a big mouth, it questions how much solitude can physical desire push, so severe that causes one to indulge oneself? The depressing image is associated with Goya’s Surrealism. In “Grace”, the exploding head imagery is associated with the idea of seminal fluid. It concludes the series.   

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