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    WU TINGHSIEN (b.1963)

    Interchange No.2


    Oil on Canvas

    Signed TW in English and dated 2000

    Estimate TWD 360,000-480,000
    USD 11,600-15,500
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 354,000
    USD 0
    HKD 0

With a Certificate of authenticity signed by artist


Illustrated:’’TING-HSIEN WU 200-2004’’ , Asian Art Center, September 2004, Page35



“Interchange No.2” is the extension of the exploration of abstract drawing, Wu Ding Xian intentionally wanted a briefer and extracted discovery on the painting. The crowded streets, traffic, concrete jungles form tangible and intangible lines that divide spaces. He transformed the complicated lines of urban life into line of accuracy to reflect the occupation of corporeal spaces and the lost of visual effects. He not only uses lines as an element of creating, he also has a hidden message to express his observation experiences of urban civilization. 

“ The creation of Urban Space series clearly determined my research method and direction. I will combine different space and time on a single surface. I gradually realized the continuation of experience and the depth of the picture from repeating drawing techniques. So then I can express the depth of “lines” and the deep search of line. Less intricacies, more encouragement, I could get rid of the excess techniques, and present only the essential composition. The depth of lines is faithfully presented drawn from repeated drawing experiences. I discovered “the side spaces of lines” in the process of creation.  The spaces are alive like other forms of art and can exist freely in drawing. More intuition and reality are shown, no temporary colors, light-shade and texture. Simple forms and lines are shown without extravagant embellishments. I can grasp different time combinations and present the reality and timeliness in drawing.”
-Wu Ding Xian narration

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