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    HE DUOLING (b.1948)

    Ying Ying


    Oil on Canvas

    Signed HeDuoling in English and dated 2001 Signed on the Reverse:Title and HeDuoling in Chinese, dated 2001

    Estimate TWD 2,500,000-3,200,000
    USD 87,700-112,300
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 2,832,000
    USD 99,021
    HKD 0


Illustrated:ILLUSTRATED: 1."The First Triennial of Chinese Arts \'\', Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House, Sep 2002, Page 2 2.\'\'He Duoling-Mao Yan\'\',Beijing China Blue Gallery,Page 13

Exhibition:EXHIBITION: 1.\'\'The First Triennial of Chinese Arts \'\', Guangzhon Museum of Art\', Sep-Oct 2002 2.\'\'Concept and Manifestation\'\',Shanghai Eyelevel Gallery, Aug-Sep 2003


“Ying Ying” is one of the earliest production of this series by Ho Do Ling, and was selected and showed at the First Triennial of Chinese Art in 2002. The artist considers the infant series as the ultimate attainment of female figures. There is no gender difference for the infant. And even us, the viewers, are like others beyond one’s comprehension existing in a pure and mystical form. Contrasting with the pessimistic poetic modernism presented in the picture, the artist’s skills and language have given a modernism presentation in a classical language. The image, the pessimism and the artist’s exquisite painting skills are united into an unbreakable entity. The viewers can feel the artist’s confusion about life’s origin and destination; and his doubts about youth; his fear for the change and accidents in life; his melancholy is symbolic yet elegant. Following the subtraction principle, the artist described his complex emotions with investigations of different themes and painting skills. It is his unique style in painting, the only thing that remains is his mystical and disconsolate attitude that fully satisfies the pursuit of complexity and mystery.

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