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    ZHANG NIAN (1964-2016)

    Chinese Dream No.23


    Oil on Canvas

    Signed Zhang Zian in Chinese and dated 2007

    Estimate TWD 160,000-240,000
    USD 5,400-8,100
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 165,200
    USD 5,516
    HKD 0

Provenance:\'\'Wait- Zhang Nian",Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, Dec 2007, Page 132




Zhang Nian’s “Egg- China Dream No. 23” is his creation in 2007. The main character is the Beijing National Grand Theater, nicknamed “hard- boiled egg”. The reason for using an egg as a symbol for “China Dream” is a direct association. It is also the best representation of his expectation of a new China. 

Waiting is not a foolish act,yetit is a way of fulfilling one’s goal. In 2008, Zhang Nian exhibited “Wait” in Beijing, he said, “the entire hatching process took 19 years in my life; however, compared to China and its people wait for centuries, it is relatively short. It is indeed a long waited day to come.” He used “we” as the subject because it is the wait that Chinese artist had during the era.
Stuck between 1950 late Cultural Revolution period and new talents born in 1970, the artists that were born in 1960 had their solitary “wait”.  The ideologies of individual versus group and democracy versus race are inseparable to them.

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