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    Ho Eh (b.1937)

    Great master


    Bronze Description:One of Five Pieces

    Front: Great master Signed on Reverse: Gave to the Ancient Times Outstanding Culture Creator

    Estimate TWD 500,000-700,000
    USD 16,100-22,600
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 531,000
    USD 0
    HKD 0





For Ho Eh, the creation in self discovery from a facsimile of ancestors is a process from tranquility to sublimation. It is also self realization which decided her path in art. Ho Eh spent her golden period in Mogao Caves Dunhuang China, she spent 12 years of solid practice in art. immersed by traditional Chinese culture and the deep observation of the Northwestern settlers, her art foundation is solid and firm.

Ho Eh visited Southern Gansu grassland, and the historical heritages in Yun Nan, Long Men, Mai Ji Mountain, the Terracotta Warriors and the Qianling Mausoleum. She benefited from her traveling experiences and enriched her creativity. Her learning was neither superficial nor mere techniques but deep comprehension into ancient sculptures. She found the essence by repeatedly asking and finding answers, her admirations for ancient sculptors grew with her advance in study. In order to show her admirations, she created 巨匠 and carved with respect in the back of the sculpture “ a tribute to the outstanding culture makers”. Her sculpture won first award in GanSu Province Art Exhibition, held in 1979. 

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