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    ZHANG NIAN (1964-2016)

    Egg-Chinese Dream No.25


    Oil on Canvas

    Signed ZhangNien both in Chinese and English, dated 2007

    Estimate TWD 600,000-800,000
    USD 18,800-25,000
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 649,000
    USD 20,281
    HKD 0


Illustrated:"Wait. Zhang Nian",Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, Dec 2007, Page 108-109



Zhang Nian , an artist born in the 1960s, has experienced years of transformation in social values. As one of the first “vagrant” artists, he had a very difficult time in those years. A sensitive person, he found all of this very stimulating; his experiences gave him an more like “Buddhist meditation”. His actions were meditative. This sort of meditative. This sort of meditative action is actually a kind of precipitate of time. That’s why he was wearing the clothes of paper written with the phrase, “No debating during the ‘hatching’ in order not to disturb the next generation,” and surrounded with samples of “waiting”. The instability of social values made him lose faith in the devotion of belief, and the endless extravagance made his crisis of survival more grave. His imitation of the hen was more like forging his compo-sure rather than resisting outside infection.

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