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    DANIEL LEE (b.1945)

    Judge and His Guards


    Ink-jet on Paper, 7/8
    a.80×208cm b.80×208cm c.80×108cm

    a.Signed Daniel Lee in English and numbered 7/8 b.Signed Daniel Lee in English and numbered 7/8 c.Signed Daniel Lee in English and numbered 7/8

    Estimate TWD 550,000-900,000
    USD 17,200-28,100
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 0
    USD 0
    HKD 0





Lee Xiao-jing’s “Judge and His Guards” portrays the philosophy of Buddhist reincarnation in a traditional setting. Reincarnation by concept means 108 living creatures face judgment in the underworld after death. Although the idea originated from a Chinese myth, it embodies commentary on modern art, authority, justice, fraudulence, mockery, and sarcasm. This work series consists of three articles including the lord of death (Yanluowang), Ox-head (nioutou), and horse-face (mamian) distinguished by their clothing and body gesture. Under the concept of reincarnation, the authoritative and vindictive Lord of Death is somewhat expressed.  


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