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    HSIAO CHIN (1935-2023)

    Discendenza Dramatical


    Acrylic on Canvas

    Signed on the reverse: Hsiao Chin in English and Chinese, dated 2000/2007, titled discendenza dramatical in Italian, acrylic on canvas, sized 100x80cm

    Estimate TWD 1,000,000-1,600,000
    USD 32,400-51,800
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 1,320,000
    USD 42,038
    HKD 331,658

With a certificate of authenticity from Lotus Art Gallery


Illustrated:"Hsiao Chin‧Eternal Energy," Lotus Art Gallery, Kaohsiung Taiwan, 2014, Page 41



“To me, the most important process of creation is not in ‘creating’ itself, but how one can reflect their life through art, life journey and experiences and recorded, in order to further investigate one’s true potential” --- Hsiao Chinn

The exquisite title Master of Taiwanese Modern Art was given to compliment artist Hsiao Chinn for all his artistic accomplishments.

Hsiao Chinn lived in many places throughout his life including Spain, Italy, New York among many other destinations in pursuit of art. As a participant of the Chinese American Modern Art Movement, he utilized traditional medium to proposed a new manner of visualization that creates emphasis with Eastern perspective and characteristics.

The president of Italy knighted him as “Corporation Star” for his dedication and aesthetic discovery.

He demonstrated his ability and sensitivity in perceiving spirituality through creating art.

Hsiao Chinn’s unique personality won him the respect and affection of all those around him.

On the path of creativity, he could not have achieved where he is today without the spiritual guidance of his instructor Lee Chuan Sun; whom, taught him the concept to see, think and feel with his heart and hands. Hsiao was strongly influenced by Lee’s teachings, but he discovered his own unique style through understanding classical masterpiece and various new art movements. He studied works by Matisse, Duffet and Gauguin but instead of imitating their style, he learned by observing the psychological essence behind their works.

For his own works, Hsiao Chinn likes to paint with vibrant colors and symbols that represents the culture of the East; at times, abstract Chinese calligraphy can be found in his dots and forms. The shape that most often occupy his work varies from circles, rectangles to unexpected geometric shape; his works are filled with endless possibilities of the world’s unknown. His art speaks a universal language that can be understood even by the turn of a century. In Discendenza Dramatical Hsiao Chinn not only brought us the perspective from his previous series “Heart of the Universe,” but also a deeper and more profound understanding of the world.

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