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    ZHOU CHUNYA(b.1955)

    Blossoming Peach


    Oil on Canvas

    Dated 2011, signed Zhou Chunya in Chinese and English

    Estimate TWD 32,000,000-40,000,000
    USD 1,061,700-1,327,100
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 37,440,000
    USD 1,252,174
    HKD 9,852,632

With a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist



Exhibition:EXHIBITION: \'\'2011 Chengdu Biennale,\'\' Chengdu Eastern Music Park, Chengdu China, September 29th - October 30th, 2011


“In my life and creation, truth is very important for me. This so-called truth means our nature, essence, and desire. Such humanity goes beyond time, systems, and areas. Every human being that exists either exists by himself, by his own essence or nature and tendency as love still exists in cruel wartime; otherwise, human won’t reproduce and grow up. Similarly, nature also has it's own law and power. In other words, art is closely connects with human’s essence and mother nature.” ------ Zhou Chunya, artist  

Zhou Chunya is described as the master of precise color control and the freest artist on Chinese’s contemporary art scene. Facing the tie and collision between impermanence and eternity at all times and in all countries, Zhou paints and merges the Western insanity and freedom and the spiritual nature of traditional Eastern ink painting with his unique generous color style to his content, finding the perfect balance between both.
Zhou Chunya traveled to Longquan Shan in March, 2005. It was the season when peach trees came into full bloom. Over hills, acres of peach trees paraded acres of peach blossoms, radiant and lush. When Zhou saw the radiant peach blossoms bloom, he was deeply attracted by the thriving life energy of the wild and glamorous peach blossom. After the trip, the gorgeous enchanting peach blossom is no longer a soft and warm foil for the green dog in his painting; instead, peach blossoms have become one of his critical creation motifs from then on, blooming unrestrainedly in Zhou’s paintings. The gorgeous color of peach blossoms proudly shows feeling of passion and air of romance under Zhou’s brush.

This painting, peach blossom, was created in 2011 and undoubtedly the matured and breathtaking masterpiece among Zhou’s peach blossom series. In this epic large-scale painting, the peach trees come into full bloom with vigorous and upright branches extending. The delicate booming peach blossom full of feral instinct gushes and blooms. Zhou Chunya has his painting represent the moment with forceful graphological painting lexis undisguisedly. The scene is extremely titillating while lingers with a vast and far-reaching manner.

In the scene of Peach Blossom, verdurous mountains and peaks rising one upon another are imbued with vitality. The blue sky and clean stream set the peach trees lining up along the banks off well, making the them more splendid, stunning and moving. The flower’s glory flourishes and symbolizes the brightest youth, praising all beauty in the world. In the painting, the colors used by the artist are glamorous, flourishing and vigorous and the rough lines flow on the canvas wantonly. Zhou paints to his heart's content and sprinkles with his own temperament in his experiment of brushstrokes form, showing the life energy vividly portrayed.

Zhou once said, “My paintings are all about passion and romance. I think desire is an important component part of humankind and nature-born. More importantly, our feelings and desire toward sex are the embodiments of vitality. They symbolize the heyday of human life.”

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