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    KOHEI NAWA ( b.1975)

    Moment # 6


    Mixed Media on Paper
    94 x 156 x 5 cm

    Estimate TWD 580,000-750,000
    USD 18,200-23,500
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 780,000
    USD 25,000
    HKD 196,474

With a certificate of authenticity from gallery





Born in 1975 in Osaka, Japan, Kohei Nawa is an artist of remarkable distinction. With a bachelor's degree from Kyoto City University of Arts and a subsequent master's degree from the same institution, he embarked on a journey that would establish him as a trailblazing figure in the global art arena. His crowning achievement was becoming the first Asian artist to showcase his work beneath the hallowed Pyramid of the Louvre Museum in France, a historic and emblematic milestone.

Nawa's artistry transcends borders, resonating on an international scale and captivating audiences worldwide. His oeuvre reflects his elevated status in the contemporary art realm and his unparalleled creative prowess. Currently, in addition to his role as a professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design's Graduate School, he continues to channel his creative energies into his personal endeavors through the innovative space known as "SANDWICH" in the picturesque district of Fushimi, Kyoto.

At the heart of Nawa's artistic legacy lies the celebrated "Pixcell Sculpture" series, an oeuvre that has garnered global acclaim. This series serves as a testament to his extraordinary capacity to convey a singular perspective by melding diverse materials. Within these works, he delves into profound concepts of cells and surfaces, prompting contemplation of the intricate interplay between reality and essence.

Intriguingly, Nawa's artistry often embraces flowing, translucent materials, challenging the conventional boundaries of sensory perception. His exploration spans a rich tapestry of themes, including societal constructs, scientific paradigms, digital culture, and beyond. In doing so, he disrupts established perceptions and prompts viewers to question the world through an altered lens. Moreover, Nawa's artistic pursuits extend far beyond the traditional boundaries of his craft, branching into the realms of fashion, music, and design. Collaborations with illustrious brands underscore his versatile and multifaceted artistic identity.

Notably, Nawa embarked on a transformative journey with the inception of his "Moment" series, marking a shift from three-dimensional sculptures to the portrayal of spatial imagery in two dimensions. This shift is epitomized in "Moment #6," where Nawa employs a custom device to apply uniform pressure from a single point onto a tilted canvas. The result is a precisely controlled process that captures the intricate dance of pigments as they journey from one point to another. Yet, Nawa introduces an element of chance by randomly placing pins on the canvas, leading the ink to skip these obstacles, leaving behind subtle but discernible voids within the lines.

In this artistic alchemy, points and grids, lines and shapes, structured order and spontaneous flow intricately weave together. Each canvas becomes a canvas of moments, a visual record of the serendipitous movements of pigments, provoking contemplation of the ephemeral nature of time and the perpetual dance of change. Through this unique fusion of mediums and techniques, Nawa invites us to explore the profound concept of fleeting moments and their indelible impact on our perception of the world.

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