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    LIU WENYU (b.1956)

    Abstract Diptych

    a.1988 b.1989

    Oil on Canvas (2)
    100 x 100 cm (2)

    a. Signed mifune y-Buniu in English and date 1988 b. Signed mifune y-Buniu in English and date 1989

    Estimate TWD 420,000-600,000
    USD 13,800-19,700
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 432,000
    USD 14,197
    HKD 114,286


Illustrated:1. "The Wonder of Abstract Art in Taiwan," Art Galleries Association R.O.C, Apr, Taipei, Taiwan, 1995, Page 38 2. "Yujiro MIFUNE," Galerie Elegance, Taipei, Taiwan, October, 1994, Page 46-47

Exhibition:1. "The Wonder of Abstract Art in Taiwan," Art Galleries Association R.O.C, April, 1995 2. "Yujiro MIFUNE Solo Exhibition," Galerie Elegance, August 6-21st, 1994


The development of Western abstract painting in the 1950s was influenced by both the subconscious expression of Western irrationalism and the Japanese Zen meditation aesthetics. These two influences are also evident in Chinese calligraphy abstract paintings.


Liu Wen Yu's Abstract Diptych reflects a blending of European abstract painting with Chinese calligraphy, influenced by his experiences living in Brittany, France. His paintings incorporate real, subjective images such as soil, rock, and wood, utilizing the natural figure, traces, and symbols. Through his art, viewers can perceive his Chinese cultural background, with free-flowing lines that exhibit the strength and poetry of Chinese calligraphy, creating a graceful atmosphere.


Despite the influence of his Chinese cultural heritage, Liu Wen Yu applied the detailed French academic traditions to his painting, creating a unique blend of styles. His work liberates the painting with different automatism techniques and presents it in black, while still achieving completeness with an invisible strength. The main object of his painting is often a circular figure, meticulously executed with attention to detail. The curves, lines, and brushstrokes within the painting echo with the artist's feelings and reveal his inner thoughts.

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