Company Profile

Centered in the hub of Asia, Zhong Cheng Auction Co., LTD. enjoys the best of both worlds as a manager of masterpiece artworks and a collector of cultural artifacts.

Established in 2006, Zhong Cheng periodically holds international auction events to provide collecting and investment services and remains a popular showcase for the unique contemporary artworks of Asia and Europe. We continue to advocate "Chinese Contemporary Art" as our main curriculum in selecting artworks. Our professional team provides services including management and evaluation, investment and finance management for major enterprises and collectors. By providing the best platforms such as auctions, sales and art funds for interaction between collectors, Zhong Cheng serves as a catalyst of new cultural value and collection trend.

Through working with the international and domestic art industries, Zhong Cheng has established a mutual interaction between collectors, art galleries and art organizations in Taiwan, China, East Asia, and Europe. Zhong Cheng also offers our clients worldwide access to grasping the current global trend; providing unparalleled service and expertise in evaluation and consulting.

Zhong Cheng, the leading art business had established several annual personal record high bidding prices for artists including: Zhou Chun Ya's "Stone Series", "Green Dog" and "Peach Blossoms Series", Wang Huai Quing's "Three and Half Pair of Chopsticks", Zhao Wu Ji's "23.3.68", Kuo Wei Guo "Taiwan Island", Yang Mao Lin's "Zealandia Memorandum L9302", Kuo Jen Chang's "Day for Night II", Yang Shih Hong's "Painting Within a Painting", Ye Yong Qing's "Scrow-Bird", Liao Ji Chun's "Autumn", Yang San Lang's "Spring Days", Claude Weisbuch "Le Violoncelliste", Pierrer Fernandez Arman "Volin Venus", Ju Ming "Taichi Series". Zhong Cheng is a name and place that speaks of professionalism, credit, extraordinary art and sincerity; we are determined to conduct an aesthetics platform that will bring about broader perspectives.

Zhong Cheng Auctions current goals funture prospective

【Witnessing the history of humanity with a comprehensive aesthetics perspective】 The birth of art is an accumulation of the artists' past, it is also a creation of the moment; therefore, creating a blurry line between traditional and contemporary art. Yet, the value and charm that surpasses time and space is when the artist instills the appreciation and artistic concept into the painting to bring out the contour and facets of the era.

Living in a dynamic 21st century, contemporary artists express their sensitive cognition and personalized affections through a variety of cultural attitudes. This brought along the boom of art creation. Since the art revolution in the Renaissance period, the door has been opened for global artistic concepts and placing Europe modern and contemporary art in a position that is full of potentials. Chinese modern art since the 20th century presented unique atmosphere of the era by solidifying humanism and the impact between east and west. It continuously reflects the environment, and through a special language, humanism characteristics are transformed into inner strength.

Thus, under the premise of mass influx of artworks, a more precise evaluation is crucial to the artworks' originality and aesthetics values. Zheng Cheng values our goal to conduct various auctions, enabling cultural exchanges through aesthetic structures, academic development and historical standing, we wish to create a remarkable mark in art history.

【Open spaces for art appreciation and promotung art humanism】 Artworks present the artistic concepts of art creators, and each displays different features and personalities. In order to present artworks in the most perfect and appropriate form, Zhong Cheng has established two display centers in Taipei and Taichung, Taiwan. The Taipei display center is located in the most vibrant and prosperous East District of Taipei; the Taichung display center is located in a tranquil space on Da Ya Road. Surrounded with soft music and relaxed atmosphere, Zhong Cheng regularly conducts exhibitions and seminars, providing the best platform for art lovers to exchange thoughts.

Zhong Cheng will continue to promote art concepts in book and information publications. The spectacular catalog custom-made for each auction speaks of the strict rules we follow in presenting paintings. Zhong Cheng is proud in precisely evaluating a price, compiling the most detailed information on artists and artworks, listing the past participation in greatest auctions and publications, and presenting articles that is specified to discovering and appreciating the art styles. Moreover, our periodic "art sharing newsletter" makes art a part of our daily lives by presenting current exhibition information and different perspectives, and supplying art lovers with current international art information.

【Promoting good cause and contributing to society】 Art presents the attitude and concepts people have for the social structure and contemporary culture. However, if we examine deeper, we will realize that the ultimate goal of art is to provoke the awareness of humanity, environment and the beauty of life. Zhong Cheng, as the cultural embodiment, wishes to fulfill and perfect art with deep humanism care. Since our establishment, we have been active donors of the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. Also, we have participated and promoted fund raising events. By fully utilizing our resources such as the auction catalogues and newsletters, we advocate contributing to society. In the future, Zhong Cheng shall continue to develop and grow, we anticipate to send our affection and love to every corner and to fulfill the true implications in art!