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Zhong Cheng Auction Enquiries and Services

  • Buyers' Premium The buyer shall pay the hammer price plus,
    he buyer’s premium to our company and any applicable taxes.
    For hammer price below NT$20,000,000,
    the first NT$20,000,000 shall be calculated at 20%,
    And the rest of the amount shall be 12%.

  • Payment Terms Payment terms and conditions are stated in the back of our catalogues.
    We accept personal and company checks. Once the payment is received
    the works can be picked up from our office.
    Please contact our financial department coordinator for further details Andrea Tsou
    TEL: +886 4 2006 6599 #108
    FAX: +886 4 2205 0703
    E-mail: andrea@art106.com

  • Customer Services Please contact the following representatives for more information regarding the auction:
    Virginia Hsiao / Wayne Hsiao
    TEL:+ 886-2-8773-3565#15.16
    FAX: + 886-2-8773-2615

  • Shipping We can recommend the most appropriate transportation for you ,
    Please contact:Virginia Hsiao
    TEL:+ 886-2-8773-3565#16
    FAX:+ 886-2-8773-2615

  • Phone Bid If you cannot attend the auction,
    you are welcome to use our telephone bidding service.
    For the arrangement,
    please contact us 24 hours prior to the auction:
    TEL:+ 886-2-8773-3565#13
    FAX: + 886-2-8773-2615

  • Catalogue Subscriptions All of Zhong Cheng catalogues can be purchased at NT$2000
    We welcome your subscription.
    The US Dollars estimates within our catalogue and US Dollars exchange currency on auction day is for reference only,
    The results of the auction will be finalized in New Taiwanese Dollars if the buyer is paying in a different currency,
    they must make the payment in full and cover all additional fees.
    Please contact:

  • Written Bid Buyers who cannot attend the auction can participate by completing our Written Bid Form,
    you can download the file on our website. For further information,
    Please contact:Wayne Hsiao
    TEL:+ 886-2-8773-3565
    FAX: + 886-2-8773-2615

  • Other All items will be available for collection as soon as the payment is settled.
    buyers are advice to make shipping or storage arrangements.
    The items can be collected from Zhong Cheng Taipei and Taichung office.
    Service is available Monday to Friday 9:30-18:00. Please make appointments.
    Taipei Office: +886-2-8773-3565
    Taichung Office +886-4-2206-6599

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