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    LI CHEN (b.1963)

    Landscape in Heaven


    Bronze, edition of 8
    55 x 36 x 35 cm

    Engraved Li Chen in English, edition number and dated 2001 With one seal of the artist

    Estimate TWD 2,500,000-3,800,000
    USD 82,000-124,700
    HKD 0-0

    Hammer Price TWD 2,880,000
    USD 94,643
    HKD 761,905


Illustrated:1. "Li Chen 1992-2002 Sculpture," Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan, 2004, Page 78-79 (different editions) 2. "Li Chen in 52nd Venice Biennale- Energy of Emptiness," Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan, 2007, Page104-107 (different editions) 3. "TOP 10 Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition," Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan, 2007, Page 51 (different editions) 4. "Li Chen- In Search of Spiritual Space," Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan, 2008, Page 31-51 (different editions)

Exhibition:"Li Chen - In Search of Spiritual Space," National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China, April 29th-May 11th, 2008 (different editions)


Li Chen, born in Yunlin in 1963, is a highly acclaimed contemporary artist renowned for his sculptural creations that incorporate the spirit of Buddhism and Taoism. He combines these traditional influences with contemporary thinking to create a unique "void" aesthetic that is rich in Zen and innovation. Since 2000, his work has been exhibited in major international cities such as New York, Copenhagen, Paris, and Beijing, and has been featured in both private and public collections worldwide.


In 2007, Li Chen became the first Chinese artist to hold a solo exhibition at the Venice Biennale. One of his signature works from the "Great Spiritual Journey" series was showcased, featuring black lacquer techniques that demonstrate the original techniques of "pressing gold" and "pressing silver" in the art of bronze sculpture. His innovative approach to sculpture has earned him numerous accolades and recognition, including an invitation to be the first artist to exhibit at this year's Cannes Film Festival.


The exquisite fusion of traditional oriental Buddha statues and contemporary simplicity and purity is what makes Li Chen's sculptures so captivating. The smooth materials and round body create a tactile perception that is full of interest. The right hand holds the golden mountain that represents the material world, while the left hand holds the silver sea, a metaphor for the spiritual realm. This achieves an ethereal oriental charm that is simple yet solid in development. The plump body is filled with blessings, and the harmonious expression draws the viewer into a perfect spiritual space.


In his "Great Spiritual Journey" series, Li Chen's seemingly "heavy and light" bronze sculptures imply the essence of Taoism's "essence, energy, and spirit" imagery, with a strong aura that transcends the ordinary. As Li Chen once said, "The greatness of art lies in 'sharing', and the achievement of art is between 'truth and illusion'. I am not only making sculptures, I am creating happiness, creating something that people can enjoy." His creations exude a state of tranquility that leads the viewer back to the original, enriching life with comfortable and gentle aesthetics that are both tangible and intangible.

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